Configuring the Calculator #

Each person's retirement plan is unique, and FI Calc is designed to be flexible enough to support as many needs as possible. In this section, you will learn all of the ways that you can configure FI Calc to model your retirement.

On laptops and other large screens, the configuration for FI Calc is done on the left-hand "Configuration" sidebar. On phones, configuration is done on first page of the calculator.

The Configuration form of FI Calc.
The Configuration form of FI Calc showing all of the available options.

Pages in this Guide #

  • Length of Retirement - How long your retirement lasts.

  • Portfolio - The assets that you have, or will have, at the start of your retirement.

  • Withdrawal Strategy - Your withdrawal strategy determines how much money you withdraw each year during your retirement.

  • Additional Income - Learn how to configure extra income that you plan to receive during your retirement.

  • Additional Withdrawals - This guide covers how you can make extra withdrawals for certain years during your retirement.

  • Historical Data - FI Calc uses a data set that dates back to 1871. This guide covers how you can choose to use a subset of that data.