Sharing Calculations #

This feature is an early preview. Read more at the bottom of this page.

Sometimes, you may wish to share a calculation. In FI Calc, you can do this using shareable URLs.

How to Get a Shareable URL #

Locate the "Share Calculation" button on the Results page. Click it, and a popover will appear with the URL. Press the "Copy" button to copy it to your clipboard.

Send this to friends or family to share your calculation.

The share calculation button.
Find this button to share your calculation with a URL.

This Feature is in Beta #

This feature is an early preview. The reason that I am calling it "early preview" is that there is a (small) chance that, sometime in the future, some aspects of the calculator may not load from old URLs.

I want to explain why this is. FI Calc is under active development, and I am frequently introducing new features that require that I refactor how old features were implemented.

The URLs that are generated expose the "inner workings" of the calculator, and some changes to the code could break old URLs.

I do not currently plan to break the URLs, but I am sharing this disclaimer to give myself the option to. Once FI Calc is closer to being "feature complete," and I have more confidence that there won't be any major refactors, then this feature will leave beta.

All breaking changes to URLs will be documented below.

URL Break History #

The URLs have currently never broken.

Feedback Wanted: Alternative Implementations #

There are other ways I could implement saving calculations. However, these features would require a database, which costs money each month.

I could, for example, introduce accounts. This would allow you to save and edit past calculations to your personal account.

Features that require a database would require some kind of revenue stream for me so that I can pay for the upkeep. Two options are:

  • always free, but with ads
  • a small, one-time payment to create an account

There are pros and cons to each of these methods. I don't have a preference: I just want to build the most useful app to all of you.

Would you like to see this feature? Do you have a preference for how revenue would be generated? Please let me know by contacting me.